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Just questions I ask myself as a trigger to discover the answer; or not.

It’s hot.

Not California hot, but hot. I grew up with hot summers. My family only had one room with a window air conditioner unit, so on those hot Iowa summer nights when for weeks on end the temperature wouldn’t drop below … Continue reading

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Well, that was a surprise …

… although I guess it shouldn’t have been. So last year, when The Redhead moved here, he bought a plant to make the flat feel more homey. And, being the way we are, it obviously had to be something easy. … Continue reading

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Thanks for the memories…

Out for dinner with The Redhead at a vegetarian Indian buffet … reminds me of that fateful first-not-date how many years ago? Was that summer of ’97 or ’98? Wow … Tweet

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Quinoa biscuits and spinach butter

I told The Redhead not to sabotage my job search just because right now he has a live-in maid and cook, that if I got this job I could get a chef to come by and make him oatmeal for … Continue reading

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I could be in class right now…

I don’t think I’ve blogged much about my job search. It is something I have been of two minds about, because on the one hand I think the experience has been interesting, but since I don’t know if I have … Continue reading

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So, yesterday I ran into a guy who was involved in a decision-making process that affects me that isn’t supposed to be announced until Friday, and because this decision is the only thing we know that we have in common, … Continue reading

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Co-Coordination – how co?

So, back in April when I thought I had too much time on my hands (which is no longer true) and needed to meet people (which will always be true), I volunteered to help get a defunct group up and … Continue reading

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The Shelbourne Hotel

When my flight from the US finally arrived, I quickly went through customs, collected my bag and got in the line for the bus home. As I know from experience happens, there is always that question of “Am I in … Continue reading

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