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Jeannette's rejection of boredom means she is always learning something new and she has had the pleasure of working in software, test, systems, technical writing and production planning, developing GPS receivers and testing device drivers, semiconductor manufacturing, and even a social gaming start-up! Her eternal Wanderlust guarantees an interesting view out the window no matter what she is doing.

Silly interactions

It was a day of random, silly interactions that made me smile. First thing this morning, I was at work. Even though I have been there nearly a year, I still sometimes get calls for someone that as far as … Continue reading

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It’s hot.

Not California hot, but hot. I grew up with hot summers. My family only had one room with a window air conditioner unit, so on those hot Iowa summer nights when for weeks on end the temperature wouldn’t drop below … Continue reading

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Well, that was a surprise …

… although I guess it shouldn’t have been. So last year, when The Redhead moved here, he bought a plant to make the flat feel more homey. And, being the way we are, it obviously had to be something easy. … Continue reading

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How to declutter when I know I will need it again?

Argh. I know that we have too much stuff (well, either that or the apartment is too small). We’ve moved a couple times in the last couple years, and unfortunately a bunch of stuff is still in boxes! I have … Continue reading

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Don’t talk to Jeannette

Yes, I do know that many of my stories are poorly structured. You know what, though? That is life! Not everything has a clean ending. And if you wait for an experience to end, you (I at least) will never … Continue reading

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Back in print?

OK, I haven’t been writing anything, even though I mean to … somewhere between my urge to write and my desire to control information flow, there has to be a compromise, right? Last week I got an e-mail from one … Continue reading

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I woke up the other day with a song running through my mind. This happens a lot, but this week’s was particularly annoying because I only knew two or three lines of melody and only one word. I can usually … Continue reading

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Thanks for the memories…

Out for dinner with The Redhead at a vegetarian Indian buffet … reminds me of that fateful first-not-date how many years ago? Was that summer of ’97 or ’98? Wow … Tweet

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Quinoa biscuits and spinach butter

I told The Redhead not to sabotage my job search just because right now he has a live-in maid and cook, that if I got this job I could get a chef to come by and make him oatmeal for … Continue reading

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What to do first?

OK, so I told you that I unwrapped my Arduino yesterday, right? So, I’m sitting here looking at it and going, ok – what do you do with a micro-controller on a board with only an LED attached (I mean, … Continue reading

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