Well, that was a surprise …

… although I guess it shouldn’t have been.

Blooming Sempervivum

Sempervivum blooming on our balcony

So last year, when The Redhead moved here, he bought a plant to make the flat feel more homey. And, being the way we are, it obviously had to be something easy. So a succulent it was. It’s been doing great (because I help with the watering, I think. 🙂 ), and it got through the winter; I repotted it, and it has gone crazy. So I was completely surprised when it started to grow some spikes. Which, next time I looked, had buds on the ends of them. And then it grew some crazy pink flowers. So, yeah, doing great.

But, then, the biggest surprise was when The Redhead looked back through his pictures and found out that it bloomed last summer too. 🙂

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