It’s hot.

Not California hot, but hot.

I grew up with hot summers. My family only had one room with a window air conditioner unit, so on those hot Iowa summer nights when for weeks on end the temperature wouldn’t drop below steamy, we would all pile up in that one room and sleep on the floor, sacrificing privacy and soft beds for the price of relative cool.

But then there was Colorado with cool nights and years in Germany spent in a solid massiv-bau, shaded apartment on the edge of the river, where hot days in the office were followed by returning to a refreshingly cool evening.

And yeah, there were 18 months in California, but the US is air conditioned!

So I have always been able to maintain my semblance of professionalism, in the IT industry, by always wearing trousers, polos and leather shoes to work.

This year, the temperature may do me in. I have already been compromising my principles. I started wearing shorts! And sandals! I’m still holding strong on the polo shirt front, although I am not sure why. My co-workers wear shirts with text on them. They run around all day long with one pant leg rolled up so they don’t get them caught in the bike chains on their way to and from work. Baseball hats in the office.

But I am still not ready to wear t-shirts to work. Right now with a polo, getting dressed is actually very easy. Especially when I am wearing shorts, of which I only have two pair – navy and beige. I attended a housewarming bbq this weekend and totally over-analyzed what t-shirt to wear, as this would be my first (and maybe only?) chance to show personality and represent. So what side of my personality/interests/coolness do I choose to show?

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Jeannette's rejection of boredom means she is always learning something new and she has had the pleasure of working in software, test, systems, technical writing and production planning, developing GPS receivers and testing device drivers, semiconductor manufacturing, and even a social gaming start-up! Her eternal Wanderlust guarantees an interesting view out the window no matter what she is doing.
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