How to declutter when I know I will need it again?

Argh. I know that we have too much stuff (well, either that or the apartment is too small). We’ve moved a couple times in the last couple years, and unfortunately a bunch of stuff is still in boxes! I have some plans to work my way through them, especially now that I have a little more free time, but it isn’t that I am a hoarder, it is just that these things have their uses! For example, yesterday (Thursday) at 10 pm I was told “Oh, btw – on Saturday you need an orange top with your number on it for the scrimmage.” (New uniforms have been ordered but aren’t here yet.) So I find myself suddenly digging through the very bottom box in a stack, looking for fabric paint (it’s either this or sewing one on … not sure which is the quicker/cleaner (optically, but also really, given the fact that we have company on Monday night) option).

Oh well, it will get sorted. Tonight is date night and The Redhead should be home in about 30 minutes!

Oh yeah, just wanted to add that since I was at the mall anyway, I did stop in and ask the t-shirt printing shop how much it would cost to get three numbers added to a shirt I provided – €16.50! Does this make keeping and digging the paint out worth it?

Update#2 – Was just done getting my patterns sized and done when The Redhead came home and we headed out to our dinner reservation, so didn’t start painting until 10 pm. Some of the paint was a bit gloopy (and after I thinned and mixed, a bit thin), but I think I made a good first pass. On clean up and while rechecking a page I had been looking at about using acrylics on fabric I came across a note “Allow to dry for 24 hours” … oops! I don’t have anywhere near 24 hours! I will have to get out of bed soon and see if it is dry enough … otherwise we might have to go back to the sewing idea!

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