Back in print?

OK, I haven’t been writing anything, even though I mean to … somewhere between my urge to write and my desire to control information flow, there has to be a compromise, right?

Last week I got an e-mail from one of the local extras casting companies saying that they were looking for “French or German looking people” for an advert. While this kind of confused me (I do know some people that I think _look_ German, but I can’t put my finger on what it is …), I decided that by definition, I must look German, and so I forced The Redhead to find or take some pictures of me for submission. We talked about the casting call wording and discussed whether this was just a way of specifying a certain Caucasian look without coming out and saying that. Anyway, late Tuesday night I got an invitation to attend the casting, and this morning I decided that as long as I am a developer by night, I could be an actor by day and so I went.

Either we read too much into the description or a lot of the people there received a different advertisement than I did, because the crowd was really quite varied. I chatted while waiting with a regular, but during the occasional lull in our conversation I heard some interesting lines – a pair were catching up and discussing their recent roles “I went from Poor Woman to Rich Woman – there were a lot more jobs for Poor Woman!” and from a group near by “I have nothing against straight people, I told her!”

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Jeannette's rejection of boredom means she is always learning something new and she has had the pleasure of working in software, test, systems, technical writing and production planning, developing GPS receivers and testing device drivers, semiconductor manufacturing, and even a social gaming start-up! Her eternal Wanderlust guarantees an interesting view out the window no matter what she is doing.
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