I woke up the other day with a song running through my mind. This happens a lot, but this week’s was particularly annoying because I only knew two or three lines of melody and only one word. I can usually get rid of a song if I can sing it, but this one was firmly stuck. Fortunately, I was able to roll over and pass this one on to The Redhead. (You do know the story by Mark Twain, “A Literary Nightmare”, don’t you? (The theme of which also appears in one of Robert McCloskey’s Homer Price stories “Pie and Punch and You-Know-Whats.”) In it, the only way of getting a recurring song out of your mind is by passing it on to someone else.)

Anyway, I say to The Redhead “What is the song by Chumbawamba that goes ‘da-da da children, da-da da da da children, da da da da da-da.'” As I am sure you can imagine, his reaction was to not be impressed. But, he took up the challenge. By the time we got in the shower, he had expanded it to ‘da-da da children, da-da da da da children and sell them to the devil’ and before we got out it was ‘something your children, gonna brainwash your children and sell them to the devil’. Which seemed like a good enough place to be – I googled the lyrics to find a name, The Redhead thought he knew what album it was on and started looking to play it for me. We both struck out for the longest time (it turns out it only appears on the 12″ of Behave?), but he found it before I did, we played it, and it was cleared from my mind so I could get some work done.


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