What to do first?

OK, so I told you that I unwrapped my Arduino yesterday, right? So, I’m sitting here looking at it and going, ok – what do you do with a micro-controller on a board with only an LED attached (I mean, other than unpack the breadboard and components and attach off-board LEDs or something)? My first thought – Morse Code! I mean, I had already made the light blink steadily, right? Unsteady blinking is obviously the next step.

I looked up a Morse Code translation table on Wikipedia, and I thought I was good to go. But I didn’t want to just have a static message being sent out, it had to respond to input, right? So a little pocking around and I found a mention of opening an input window and a serial connection, and 70 lines of code later I can type a message in on my computer and set my board a blinkin’!

But now what? Oooh – I just looked at the contents list of my component pack, and there is an LDR! Does that mean that now I can detect and translate Morse as well? Next project, here I come!

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