Just got my Arduino

I know, I’m a bit late to the game, but I have busy doing other stuff … so I was very excited to get an Arduino Uno for my birthday!

Being the typical impatient person, I couldn’t be bothered to read any instructions or anything, and just went to the Arduino software page and grabbed the main Mac code (v. 1.0.5). When I unzipped it and started it, though, I got a message that it was damaged. Downloaded it again, unzipped it, damaged. Hmmm. Read some of the stuff on the page – yep, looked like the latest stable version. Went a little further on the page and grabbed the latest Beta; whoo hoo! Success.

Plugged it in, saw the blinking lights I was supposed to expect, and did the first/easiest/most visible change – changing the speed of the blink. Edited, compiled, uploaded – no. Port not found. COM1. OK, yeah, that makes sense – changed the port to USB and I was golden! Lights blinking as they should.

So, now that I have it set up … what next? I haven’t programmed a micro controller since the Redhead and I were working on making a GPS receiver he could attach to his camera. (And that didn’t get too far, since we were planning it as a part of getting our paper accepted to Embedded World, but the company shut us down and refused to sign off on it, which meant we also wouldn’t have the “support” we were hoping for.) Finding a need to fill is always the Redhead’s field, I am more of an implementor.

But let’s see if I can’t get some creative juices flowing. How about a motion-detector/shutter-release triggered by hummingbirds in the garden? Or some kind of sensor that would send me an SMS when something happens – I just have to decide what I care enough about to be informed of!

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Jeannette's rejection of boredom means she is always learning something new and she has had the pleasure of working in software, test, systems, technical writing and production planning, developing GPS receivers and testing device drivers, semiconductor manufacturing, and even a social gaming start-up! Her eternal Wanderlust guarantees an interesting view out the window no matter what she is doing.
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