Phone Phishing

I guess the phone number I got wasn’t out of service that long, because I get a lot of wrong numbers with the occasional telemarketer mixed in. First thing I did when I moved to California was put the home and cell numbers on the “do not call” list, but it hasn’t been that successful – especially among less-legitimate companies who are also spoofing their caller id displays. Today was a good example – the call came from “NAME NOT FOUND” at 1-000-000-0000, and the man on the line actually referred to me as Mum (as in classic James Bond fashion “How are you this morning, Mum?”). He then went on to tell me that he was calling from “The Microsoft Server” in regards to issues with computers in my house. I assured him there were no Microsoft computers in my house, but he seemed a little unclear on the concept. “No computers, Mum?”
“Plenty of computers, we just have better sense than to run Microsoft on them.”
“But a computer at this phone number contacted the Microsoft Server -” “No it didn’t. Take me off your phone list.”
“Mum, could I speak to the main computer user in your household?”

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