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Something I didn’t miss …

For seven years I didn’t own a car. There were some things I missed – the flexibility; the ability to bring crates of beverages home from the store; not having to plan my weekends and vacations around 24-hour intervals; … … Continue reading

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Check for Flashback trojan

Just checked all the computers in the house to make sure none had the Flashback trojan and then did the security update. For anyone who hasn’t checked yet, Mashable has a good overview and script to do all the heavy … Continue reading

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Of all things ….

OK, this is probably an odd first post about my job search, but it is relevant to just now. I just got a call from a company that I applied to two months ago. Five weeks after that application, I … Continue reading

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Sculling = bad karma?

So, my rowing coach today says “It takes a couple years before you get good enough for this to be fun. So up until that point, it is nature punishing you for something you did in a past life.” But … Continue reading

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